The Chesterfield Farms Indenture sets out restrictions (20 in all) that are legally binding on all homeowners.  Many of these restrictions are also covered by Chesterfield City Ordinances. As a general rule, trustees do not police the neighborhood; instead, they rely on all homeowners to help resolve issues in a neighborly manner.  Most violations occur because homeowners are not aware of the restrictions or city ordinances, and a polite reminder may be all that is needed to rectify the matter. Other times, it may be necessary to contact the City of Chesterfield for enforcement by calling 537-4000.  NOTE:  Homeowners should file their complaints directly with the City -- not the trustees; the City of Chesterfield has the resources to address these violations more efficiently and effectively than the Association.  When you call, the City will ask for the offending homeowner’s address and name (if known), your name and address, and a description of the violation, then create a work order and route it to the appropriate personnel.  The table below contains a partial list of the most common city infractions.  A full copy of the City of Chesterfield Zoning Ordinance (Code of Ordinances) is available on the City’s website at:  http://www.municode.com/resources/gateway.asp?pid=11994&sid=25 Some situations are not covered by City ordinance and may be addressed by the trustees.  These cases are usually due to the failure to request approval for exterior projects to ensure architectural and appearance compatibility with the neighborhood.  If you have a concern that is not city-enforceable, please contact the trustees.  

Problems Examples
City Municipal Code Chapter 20, Art. II --NUISANCES  
  • Grass/weeds 12” or taller
  • Dumping of any liquid or solid waste, dog waste, grass clippings, etc. into storm drain (the storm drains empty into our ponds – please help keep them clean)
  • Accumulation of debris, trash, junk, dried, decaying trees, and other annoyances or public health hazards
Chapter 25, Art. II – SOLID WASTE  
  • Garbage and/or yard waste set out too soon (trash should be set out no sooner than 5 PM the night before pickup
  • Emptied trash/waste containers left out (they should be put away by midnight on day of pickup)
  • Trash/waste containers visible from street. 
Chapter 5 – ANIMALS
  • Failure to clean up after pet, excessive barking, pets on the loose. 
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Cars parked on street for more than 24-hour period
  • Oversized trucks, trailers parked on street  
Chapter 21 – MINORS
  • Curfew for minors under age of 17:  11 PM - 6 AM Sunday-Thursday; 12 AM - 6 AM Friday – Saturday. 
Appendix A Zoning -- SIGNS  
  • Commercial advertising signs, other than real estate for sale/lease signs, are not permitted
  • Directional open house signs permitted only during day of open house. 
Chapter 7, Art. II -- MINIMUM STANDARDS OF MAINTENANCE   (a)   General. Structurally sound and sanitary exteriors.  (b)   Foundations.  (c)   Roofs.  (d)   Stairs, porches, railings and decks.  (e)   Windows, doors, screens and garage doors.  (f)   Hardware and fixtures.  (g)   Driveways and sidewalks.   (h)   Fences and retaining walls.  (i)   Accessory buildings, structures or appurtenances.   (j)   Structural members.   (k)   Exterior walls. e.g., Wood rot, peeling paint.   (l)   Decorative features.(m)   Canopies, marquees, awnings and overhangs.   (n)   Chimneys.   (o)   Basement hatchways.  (p)   Gutters and downspouts.